Thanks for joining the First, best kept secret, and most needed website for job searching online. My name is Rich Davenport the owner and CEO of I built this website for you out of necessity and practicality. If you are like me and do not have a lot of patience, you will understand why I created I did not enjoy my job search and my patience was tested daily. The reason, there are to many large companies to canvas that occupy this industry, and no fault of their own, they all do an excellent job. Which means if you need a job or thinking about switching, to do a thorough search each day you need to register and search all of these companies websites. I do not have to tell you there are a lot. Everywhere you go and everything you listen to there is a company telling you to use them for your job search. So how I like to explain it when I am asked, I “Kayaked” the Internet job search industry and merged their results all under Just like Kayak the travel site merged all the big travel sites. I “Kayaked” job search! I hope is a great resource for you and I will continue to make it better and more useful as we grow. Thanks for being here at the beginning and please share us with anyone you know looking for a job. Our Search=More Jobs. Contact me if I can assist you or if you have comments or concerns.